First Time

It was her first time. She’d had a finger, even a cock, but never this.

His tongue dragged across her asshole and she hesitated, unsure how she felt about it. His fingers swirled around her wet clit, stroked it, rubbed. Faster, stronger, his tongue stroked her sweet rosebud.

She was sure now, sure she liked it, as his fingers moved faster and his tongue flicked harder. He dragged her higher and higher until her eyes went wide with shock at the strength of the orgasm.

"Again," she begged.

Wake Up Call

Something brushes my cheek, my lips, my throat. I try to flick it away, but it persists until I wake and open my eyes. You hover over me, straddling my hips.

"Good morning." Your voice purrs in that fuck-me way that always makes me hard.

"Good morning," I reply, and yank your panties aside, ram my cock into you. "Oh, fuck."

Snug, wet lips clamp around me and I drill into you. “Fuck, you feel good.”

Greedy Girl

"Don’t move," I tell her, as I brush my cheek against her thigh.

"I promise," she replies, and closes her eyes, lets her head fall back against the pillow.

I trail gentle kisses along her labia, flick my tongue just inside the soft folds, swirling around but never touching her clit. It’s a technique I know drives her crazy, but she doesn’t move.

"Good girl," I tell her.

She only sighs.

"You’re so wet," I moan, pressing two fingers into her snug cunt. "Jesus, so fucking wet."

She grunts, but still doesn’t move. I slide my fingers in and out, slow and tortuous. The only thing that moves is her belly, as she pants, and her cunt, as it clamps around my fingers.

I cannot continue torturing her like this. Not because I care about her, but because I want this vixen to let go. I know what she’s like when she lets go.

"Okay, baby."

"Oh, fuck!" she cries, and opens her thighs wide.

She grabs my hair and presses my face into her pussy. She grinds against my mouth as my fingers piston in and out of her dripping cunt. My tongue, feverish with need, laps at her clit.

"Yes! Yes!" She is wild with need now. Hands tangle in my hair, press my face into her. Hips rock with a crazed frenzy, until she convulses around my fingers.

"More," she says, when her breathing slows.

"Greedy girl," I say, but grin and press my open mouth against her clit, more than happy to oblige.

Naked Cuddling

You tug me against you, my back against your chest, your arm wrapped around me. It only takes a moment before your hand finds my nipple, rolls it between your fingers. The urgency shoots through me and I arch back in need, my ass pressing against your hard cock.

You laugh. “We can never cuddle,” you say. “It always turns into sex.”

"There’s nothing wrong with that," I reply.

Your hand reaches between my thighs, strokes my clit. “No there isn’t.”


I have a tumblr account. It's naughty.

One of my followers sent me a message: You always add such great captions. To be honest, I didn't think anyone read them. But since some of you are, I think I'll add them here.

So, let's begin.

* * *

Let me press you open, sweetheart, slide my tongue up that slit, swirl it around that hard little nub. I’ll suck and lick your sweet pussy until your hips rock and you’re riding my mouth.

When you start panting, I’ll slip one finger inside you, stroke once, twice, then return with two. They’ll pump faster and faster while my wet mouth sucks on your clit. My fingers will fuck your delicious wet cunt until you cum and you clamp around me.

While you catch your breath, I’ll slurp your juices from my fingers.

Then start all over again.