The bead of pre-cum clings to the shiny head of his cock. I lick my lips…fuck, I want to taste him!...but he backs away.

I try to suppress it, but a whimper escapes. I want him. I need him. I think he’s going to walk away, leave me needy, leave me to satisfy myself. Again.

But then he steps forward, pushes my thighs apart, nudges his wet cock against my clit.

I moan. “Please. I need you inside me.”

“Not yet,” he says, and continues to tease my pussy. The build-up is unbearable and I rock my hips, maneuver to get his cock inside me, but he moves.

He shifts down, pushes my thighs apart, leans forward and clamps his mouth on my pussy. Relentless, he feasts like a starved animal, his tongue drilling against my clit until I cum hard.

Still panting, he pushes my legs back, drags his tongue between my pussy lips. He presses two fingers into my cunt and slides them in and out, slow and easy. I can already feel greedy need pulse through me. I wrap my hands around my knees and pull my thighs wider.

“That’s it, baby,” he groans, and spreads my lips apart to suck at my clit.

I love when he does this and I cum again, chanting “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

He kisses my mouth, letting me taste my own salty goodness. He stands back, though his cock still presses against my pussy.

I thrust against him, but he shifts again. Frustrated, I grab his cock, wrap my fist around it in a death grip. He closes his eyes, groans, pushes into my fist.

Triumphant, I shove his thick cock into my cunt, wrap my legs around his waist.

“Hard and fast,” I tell him.

Digging his fingers into my hips, he obeys and slams into me until I cum. My pussy is still quivering when he gives one final thrust and shoots deep inside me.

Hog Wild

She pushed the kick stand out, swung her leg off the bike, ran her fingers through her hair when she pulled off her helmet.

Jessica waved to a few bikers she recognized, hooked her helmet onto the sissy bar. The charitable ride was fun. The route had meandered through several small towns where residents had lined the streets. It had moved her to see so many people standing on sidewalks and at the end of their driveways with signs that said ‘THANK YOU’ in large bright letters .

“Kinda chokes you up, doesn’t it?”

Jessica nodded at the biker who parked next to her. “I had to keep telling myself not to cry.”

“I hear ya.”

Jessica snorted out a laugh as she sized him up. Jake was tall, with a slender but muscled build that said he was disciplined. The shaved head and goatee gave him a somewhat hostile demeanor.

“You were crying?”

He smiled showing straight, white teeth and a dimple that winked in his left cheek. Damn he was hot! She seemed to bump into him at every charity ride. They had made a habit of flirting and teasing each other.

“Don’t tell anyone. I have a rep.”

Yeah, she had heard about Jake’s rep, wondered if the rumors were true. “Your secret is safe with me.” She laughed, shoved her gloves into a saddle bag. “I’m going to grab something to eat. Want to join me?”

“Sure. But I could use a drink first.” He put his hand on her back to steer her toward the beer garden. The touch was light and casual, but it felt intimate, almost vibrated.

“I’m not thirsty.”

He stopped, turned to face her. His hand never left her back, but pressed into her, held her against him. Possessed. “Good. Me neither.”

He took her hand and walked toward one of the pavilions, tested two doors before he found one unlocked. He closed the door behind them, flipped on the light. Shelves were neatly stacked with cleaning supplies. A wood table dominated most of the space.

“Are you okay with this? We can go…”

The rest of Jake’s suggestion was muffled in his shirt as Jessica pulled it over his head, dropped it on the floor. She raked her nails across his chest, pressed an open mouth on his nipple, flicked her tongue. He cupped his hand on the back of her head, pressed her against him. She nipped him and he groaned, pushing his hips against hers.

She shifted, cupped his hard cock with her hand.

He backed her against the table. “Jesus, Jess. I need to taste you.”

She popped the buttons on his jeans, pleased to find him commando. “I thought you said you were thirsty.” Her hand wrapped around his cock when it sprang free. She grated her teeth along his throat as she stroked him.

“I was.” Jake nudged her onto the table, yanked off her jeans, pushed her knees back. “Now I’m hungry.”

His mouth was hot as he feasted on her like a rabid wolf. She cupped his head, pushed him against her and he sucked her clit into his mouth setting her cunt ablaze.

“I need you inside me. Now.”

“Not yet.”

“God, Jake.” His mouth was doing wonderful things to her pussy , but she needed more. “Please, I need something inside me.”

“I can do that.”

As he sucked hard on her clit, he pressed two fingers into her cunt, slide them in slow, then withdrew. When she arched against him, he pushed in as deep as he could.

“Oh, God, yes!” Her hips rocked against his hand and he pistoned like a jackhammer while she chanted his name. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

Even as she came, he kept fucking her with his fingers. “No chance, babe.”

Kneeling Before You

My hand brushes over the bulge in your pants. Your cock twitches in response.

I take my time with the zipper, my eyes on yours the entire time. Your tongue flicks out to wet your lips, as though it reaches for my pussy. Down, down goes the zipper until your hard, thick cock springs out.

I hold your gaze for just a moment longer, but I have to tear my eyes from yours…I have to feast on this glorious cock that awaits my attention. My hand wraps around it, stroking slow at first, then faster as my grip tightens.

My mouth can no longer wait, and I wrap my lips around the head, moan at the salty goodness of the precum that beads at the slit.

Your fingers grip my hair, force my head forward. Your hips thrust forward and you find your rhythm. I groan, my pussy slick with my own juices, as you fuck my mouth. I cup your balls, massage them, give a gentle squeeze,

You pump into my mouth faster, grunting, until you moan my name and shoot into my throat.

I look up at you, your eyes still a little glazed with sex. “Again, baby?” I ask.

Teacher's Pet

Some men eat pussy so well that they should be giving lessons.

* * *

“Can everyone see?” Aaron asked as he knelt on the bed.

An affirmative murmur rippled through the semi-circle of men behind him.

“Good. Then we’ll begin the lesson.” His gaze lifted to the model who lay prone before him. Arms relaxed, linked above her head, dark hair fanned out around her. “Open your legs, Mia.”

She sucked in a breath, spread her thighs.

Aaron leaned forward, inhaled the heady scent of her cunt. “You want to start with a slow lick, between the labia, avoiding the clit.” He demonstrated with several long, slow strokes until Mia squirmed. “If you’re doing it right, your lover will respond.”

Students jotted notes, shared whispered comments.

“Open her thighs…” he pressed Mia’s legs apart and she arched her back “…and open your mouth. Drag your tongue from her cunt to her clit and back.” His head bobbed up and down as he showed the class. “Do it until…”

Mia let out a feral moan, chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“…until she starts to pant. She may grab your hair or your face. She may not. Perhaps she’s holding onto the sheets to keep from floating off the bed.”

This remark brought a few chuckles from the class.

Aaron turned his head to face his students. “Don’t laugh. If you’re doing it right, she should be levitating off the mattress.”

Mia grabbed his head and pushed it back between her thighs. He laughed. “And if you’re doing it right, she’ll do that.” His voice was muffled as she pushed him against her. “Keep eating her sweet pussy. Pay particular attention to her clit. Push your tongue into her cunt, lick her asshole if she lets you.”

Mia’s moans were loud and hungry as Aaron devoured her. “Eventually she’ll start to…ah, see? Her hips will rock in an age-old dance. She can’t help herself. Her body’s natural response is to fuck. It’s her way of telling you she wants more. She NEEDS more. So give it to her.”

He moved so fast that several of the students didn’t see the technique. They would have to watch it later on the DVD that was included with the tuition fee.

Aaron had her knees pinned back, legs open wide as he fed on her pussy. “Using your tongue, push back the clit’s protective hood and suck. She’ll cum hard and fast.”

As if to prove his point, Mia cried out his name as her back bowed in a perfect arc.

“This will be on the exam, gentlemen.” Aaron kissed Mia’s thigh and sat up.

She sent him a pouty look. “Is class over?”

“Would you like more?”

Mia nodded. “Oh god, yes!”

Aaron lay down between her legs, spread her labia wide. “And there will be bonus points if she asks for more.”

Mia groaned as he pressed two fingers into her cunt, wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked.

Like That

His tongue circles my clit, taunting, teasing.

"Please," I beg. "I need you inside me."

He jams a finger into my cunt and pumps, shooting me right to the edge. He finger fucks me, dragging me closer to orgasm, as his tongue grinds against my clit.

"Like this?" he asks.

"Yes, baby. Just like that."

Play Time

Playful laughter at first, as your tongue flicks over both holes. The smile disappears when your mouth becomes urgent, greedy and I surrender.

That warm mouth, your caloused hand, take me over the edge and I lock your head between my thighs, afraid to let go, afraid you’ll stop.

"Let me," you growl, and push my legs apart.

Your tongue ravages my clit as you ram your fingers into my cunt.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" I chant until you make me cum.


Your cock slides in and out of my pussy, slow and easy, sends tiny shivers through me. Your hand strokes my back, takes a lazy path down my spine, cups my ass.

When you finger circles that pink rosebud—hesitant, like a question—I moan my consent and you press in.

It’s like a starter’s pistol and I ride your cock, fuck you with frenzied need.

Don’t stop at the first orgasm, baby, keep going.