Kneeling Before You

My hand brushes over the bulge in your pants. Your cock twitches in response.

I take my time with the zipper, my eyes on yours the entire time. Your tongue flicks out to wet your lips, as though it reaches for my pussy. Down, down goes the zipper until your hard, thick cock springs out.

I hold your gaze for just a moment longer, but I have to tear my eyes from yours…I have to feast on this glorious cock that awaits my attention. My hand wraps around it, stroking slow at first, then faster as my grip tightens.

My mouth can no longer wait, and I wrap my lips around the head, moan at the salty goodness of the precum that beads at the slit.

Your fingers grip my hair, force my head forward. Your hips thrust forward and you find your rhythm. I groan, my pussy slick with my own juices, as you fuck my mouth. I cup your balls, massage them, give a gentle squeeze,

You pump into my mouth faster, grunting, until you moan my name and shoot into my throat.

I look up at you, your eyes still a little glazed with sex. “Again, baby?” I ask.