Hog Wild

She pushed the kick stand out, swung her leg off the bike, ran her fingers through her hair when she pulled off her helmet.

Jessica waved to a few bikers she recognized, hooked her helmet onto the sissy bar. The charitable ride was fun. The route had meandered through several small towns where residents had lined the streets. It had moved her to see so many people standing on sidewalks and at the end of their driveways with signs that said ‘THANK YOU’ in large bright letters .

“Kinda chokes you up, doesn’t it?”

Jessica nodded at the biker who parked next to her. “I had to keep telling myself not to cry.”

“I hear ya.”

Jessica snorted out a laugh as she sized him up. Jake was tall, with a slender but muscled build that said he was disciplined. The shaved head and goatee gave him a somewhat hostile demeanor.

“You were crying?”

He smiled showing straight, white teeth and a dimple that winked in his left cheek. Damn he was hot! She seemed to bump into him at every charity ride. They had made a habit of flirting and teasing each other.

“Don’t tell anyone. I have a rep.”

Yeah, she had heard about Jake’s rep, wondered if the rumors were true. “Your secret is safe with me.” She laughed, shoved her gloves into a saddle bag. “I’m going to grab something to eat. Want to join me?”

“Sure. But I could use a drink first.” He put his hand on her back to steer her toward the beer garden. The touch was light and casual, but it felt intimate, almost vibrated.

“I’m not thirsty.”

He stopped, turned to face her. His hand never left her back, but pressed into her, held her against him. Possessed. “Good. Me neither.”

He took her hand and walked toward one of the pavilions, tested two doors before he found one unlocked. He closed the door behind them, flipped on the light. Shelves were neatly stacked with cleaning supplies. A wood table dominated most of the space.

“Are you okay with this? We can go…”

The rest of Jake’s suggestion was muffled in his shirt as Jessica pulled it over his head, dropped it on the floor. She raked her nails across his chest, pressed an open mouth on his nipple, flicked her tongue. He cupped his hand on the back of her head, pressed her against him. She nipped him and he groaned, pushing his hips against hers.

She shifted, cupped his hard cock with her hand.

He backed her against the table. “Jesus, Jess. I need to taste you.”

She popped the buttons on his jeans, pleased to find him commando. “I thought you said you were thirsty.” Her hand wrapped around his cock when it sprang free. She grated her teeth along his throat as she stroked him.

“I was.” Jake nudged her onto the table, yanked off her jeans, pushed her knees back. “Now I’m hungry.”

His mouth was hot as he feasted on her like a rabid wolf. She cupped his head, pushed him against her and he sucked her clit into his mouth setting her cunt ablaze.

“I need you inside me. Now.”

“Not yet.”

“God, Jake.” His mouth was doing wonderful things to her pussy , but she needed more. “Please, I need something inside me.”

“I can do that.”

As he sucked hard on her clit, he pressed two fingers into her cunt, slide them in slow, then withdrew. When she arched against him, he pushed in as deep as he could.

“Oh, God, yes!” Her hips rocked against his hand and he pistoned like a jackhammer while she chanted his name. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

Even as she came, he kept fucking her with his fingers. “No chance, babe.”