The bead of pre-cum clings to the shiny head of his cock. I lick my lips…fuck, I want to taste him!...but he backs away.

I try to suppress it, but a whimper escapes. I want him. I need him. I think he’s going to walk away, leave me needy, leave me to satisfy myself. Again.

But then he steps forward, pushes my thighs apart, nudges his wet cock against my clit.

I moan. “Please. I need you inside me.”

“Not yet,” he says, and continues to tease my pussy. The build-up is unbearable and I rock my hips, maneuver to get his cock inside me, but he moves.

He shifts down, pushes my thighs apart, leans forward and clamps his mouth on my pussy. Relentless, he feasts like a starved animal, his tongue drilling against my clit until I cum hard.

Still panting, he pushes my legs back, drags his tongue between my pussy lips. He presses two fingers into my cunt and slides them in and out, slow and easy. I can already feel greedy need pulse through me. I wrap my hands around my knees and pull my thighs wider.

“That’s it, baby,” he groans, and spreads my lips apart to suck at my clit.

I love when he does this and I cum again, chanting “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

He kisses my mouth, letting me taste my own salty goodness. He stands back, though his cock still presses against my pussy.

I thrust against him, but he shifts again. Frustrated, I grab his cock, wrap my fist around it in a death grip. He closes his eyes, groans, pushes into my fist.

Triumphant, I shove his thick cock into my cunt, wrap my legs around his waist.

“Hard and fast,” I tell him.

Digging his fingers into my hips, he obeys and slams into me until I cum. My pussy is still quivering when he gives one final thrust and shoots deep inside me.