Just a taste

Mmmmm…I love when you stroke your cock, babe. Keep fisting it like that…I’m just going to wrap my lips around the tip, suck the head while you fuck your hand. Keep stroking it, babe, don’t stop…I want to taste you.


I can’t concentrate when you devour my pussy like this. I know I should be sucking your thick cock–I want to wrap my lips around it so much because you taste so damned good!–but when you eat my pussy like this, dig your fingers into my ass, press my cunt into your face, it’s too much and I just need to enjoy it.

Oh, I’ll suck your cock, baby, but after you make me cum a few times. I may be greedy, but you’re so fucking good at this, I can’t bring myself to ask you to stop.

Yes, keep doing that. Just a little harder, a bit harder. Yes! Yes! I’m going to cum!

Faking It

She appears to be alone, lying there, all innocent. Inviting.

I crawl toward her, intent on burying my face between those cheeks, lapping up that sweet pussy.

I take one swipe and she moans, reaches back and presses my head against her. Sneaky girl, she was faking it all this time.

Well then…I flip her over, push her thighs back and apart; she clearly needs a tongue lashing.

On my knees, I open my mouth and feast on her sopping, wet pussy, content to stay here between her thighs until she begs me to stop. We both know that won’t happen for a while…she’s stubborn and won’t call Uncle, and I love eating her too much to stop.


My hands hold your face, focused only on you, while I ride your hard, thick cock.

“Faster,” you chant. “Faster. Faster."

I add a swirl to my hips and pump faster.

"You feel so good, baby. I don’t think I can wait,” I say.

“Then don’t. ” You press a finger into my ass, sending me over the edge. And I feel you cum right after me.

How we do it

On my knees, you behind me. We’ll start with you eating me, but this is how we’ll finish…with your cock inside my cunt, your hands gripping my ass, while you fuck me until I cum. Don’t stop, baby. You feel so fucking good. Make me cum again.


Desperate to taste you, I shove you down on the bed, push your thighs apart.

“Wait,” you say. “Slow down.”

“I can’t. I need you now."

Greedy, hungry, I spread your lips with my fingers and take. I grind my tongue against your hard clit, your pussy already dripping with lust.

"Stop,” you cry. “You’re going to make me cum already."

I press two fingers into your cunt, stroke slow and easy. I glance up at you and smile. "Sweetheart, I’ll make you cum again. And again.” I take a quick lick. “And again."

You give me that dreamy smile that I love. "Oh. Well.” And you push my head down.

Satisfied that I can eat my fill, I settle in, clamp my mouth around your clit and suck, pump my fingers into your cunt. As your pussy spasms around my fingers, I smile. I love making you cum.

And we’re just getting started.


I was thirteen when I made my Barbie fuck Ken.

Ken was on top, Barbie was on her back. It's what I knew to be the norm. Then someone told me about sixty-nine, and Ken and Barbie discovered a new position.

I got a new Barbie for my fourteenth birthday. Ken was a happy man. He had two women who fucked him day and night.

Then I found my dad’s Playboy magazines, and things changed. Pressing Ken against Barbie made my stomach jump, but pressing Barbie against her girlfriend made my pussy tingle.

None of us noticed that Ken had driven off in the pink convertible. The Barbies were too busy eating each other’s smooth pussies.

What she wants

I wait until she’s dressed; the pretty silk blouse and frilly floral skirt.

“You look beautiful,” I tell her.

She smiles. Blushes.

“Turn around.” I rotate my hand in the air, thrust my chin at her.

She sucks in a breath, but turns.

I push up her skirt to find her bare bottom. “Oh, Jesus, sweetheart. And you’re so wet."

"You make me wet."

I smile. "You’re about to get wetter."

I press my mouth against her pussy, savor the salty-sweetness that is hers.

She bends over, her legs wide and I push her cheeks open. She rocks back and forth, riding my tongue, moaning my name. My pussy is throbbing and need her mouth on it, but I can’t stop feasting on her juices.

She’s panting now, and I know she’s close.

I reach up, gently pinch her clit and she groans.

"Please,” she begs. “Please."

And I know what she wants.

I drag my tongue along her wet folds, up to her tight asshole, swirling my tongue round and round.

"Yes!” she cries “Yes!"

I grind her ass, squeeze her swollen clit until she cums.

Fast and Furious

Fast, furious sex. The kind when madness consumes, and feral instinct takes over.

Don't bother removing my clothes; there's no time. I need you now! Just yank up my skirt, shove my panties aside.

Ram your fingers into my pussy, clamp your mouth onto my clit. Faster! Harder!

Yes! Yes! This is what I want. This is what I need. Don’t stop baby. Even when I cum, don’t stop.

Panties On

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties, but he brushed my hands aside.

"Leave them on," he said.

He pulled me down until my hips straddled his face, yanked aside the tiny swatch of fabric and ground his tongue against my clit.

The orgasm was almost instant.