Salty Spasms

I lick your balls, suck each one into my mouth, roll it around my tongue.

Pre-cum drips down the length of your cock and I fist my hand around your hard shaft, stroke your glorious length while I suck your balls.

You pull my hair, shift my head and tap your wet cock against my mouth. I flick out my tongue, taste your salty goodness. My lips open, take your head into my mouth.

Your head drops back and you thrust your hips, push into my mouth. I groan, close my eyes, wrap my hand around your cock. As my mouth fucks your hard cock, my hand grips you like a vice. Faster and faster, I take you in, your hips rocking as you shove in and out of my mouth.

You hold my head in place, grunting, egging me to suck you harder.

“That’s it,” you chant. “That’s it. Yeah, that’s it.”

With a final vicious thrust, you shoot into the back of my throat. I wrap my arms around your ass and take you in as far as I can, reveling in your salty spasms.

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