Your hard, fat cock presses into my mouth and I savor your musky, salty taste. Your hips pump as your cock fucks my mouth and you groan.

I squeeze the shaft, drag my nails across your balls in a soft caress.

You moan loader, press my pussy against your mouth, swirl your tongue in vicious circles around my clit. Oh, fuck, I love when you do that.

Frantic with need, I take your cock as far as I can, gagging just a little. I wrap my lips around you, stroking your glorious length. I twirl my tongue around the head when I pull back, massage your balls when I suck you back in.

You reach around my ass; a finger strokes my hole, teasing. I moan, take you in, squeeze your thick cock with my hand. Your mouth sucks my clit hard as you fuck my mouth.

You feel so fucking good. I love sucking your cock and you eat my pussy like a god.

I rock my pussy against your mouth, groaning, balanced just on the edge of release. Then you press your finger into me and it sends me over the edge. My ass convulses around your finger as I cum on your face. I swallow your cock and moan as you shoot down my throat.

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